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OWC Microfiber Pro Scratch-Free Wipe (12"x12") : New

Scratch-free Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for All Surfaces

The OWC Microfiber Wipe offers superior cleaning and polishing without scratching. From iPods, to laptops, to home electronics, this handy, pocket-sized polish wipe is great for cleaning almost any surface. And, the Microfiber Pro's high-quality construction and universal cleaning power is ideal for anyone looking to maintain and preserve their investments for years to come.

The OWC Microfiber Wipe is reusable and can be washed to return its polishing capability to like-new. For best results, always wash microfiber products separate from your other laundry. Microfiber will attract lint from other fabrics in the wash water which can leave residues on the microfiber surface. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, and either line dry or use a machine dryer without any heat (air temperature only).

At 12"12" (304.8mm x 304.8mm), the OWC MicroFiber Wipe is the perfect lightweight accessory that fits gear bags, carrying cases, purses, and more

NOTE: Microfiber products are consumable/subject to wear and therefore are not covered by any warranty.

Condition : New
This is a brand new product. In some cases, new products come from dis-assembled new computers or larger assemblies.

Part Number(s) : OWCMCROFBR12B

Warranty : 0months

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OWC Microfiber Pro Scratch-Free Wipe (12\"x12\")
  • OWC Microfiber Pro Scratch-Free Wipe (12"x12") : New
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