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iBook G4 12" battery : Grade-2C

Original Apple battery from a 12" iBook G4. This battery is used and taken from a recycled iBook. It has been fully charged, fully discharged and fully charged again before using Apple system profiler to determine the current capacity of the battery. This battery, when new, had a quoted capacity of 4,400mAh.this will be between 3300-3960mAh

These only differ from the 12" iBook G3 batteries in terms of the plastic colour and the colour of the integral rubber foot.
If you wish to have a new battery then see our range of NewerTech iBook batteries.

Condition : Grade-2C
Grade 2C means that this battery is in rpoor cosmetic condition (C) but has a full charge capacity of between 75% and 90% of it's original quoted capacity (2).

Part Number(s) : A1061, 825-6483-A, 825-6245-A, 825-6432-A, 825-627

Warranty : 3months

iBook G4 12\" battery
  • iBook G4 12" battery : Grade-2C
  • [IB4BATT12C]
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  • $46.67 inc VAT
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