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iBook G3/G4, 12" PB G4 PRAM backup capacitor : New

Logic board mounted 0.022F 5.5V capacitor used to supply power to hold PRAM settings while changing the battery. This capacitor is suitable for use on all white iBook G3s and G4s, and on the 12" Aluminium PowerBook G4 range.
Unlike most PowerBooks and desktop Macs which have PRAM batteries and are capable of holding parameter RAM settings for extended periods, the iBook G3 & iBook G4 use a small capacitor which only provides around 20seconds of power which is considered sufficient to allow batteries to be switched without loosing settings. If this capacitor fails, settings will not be held and logic board behavior can become erratic.

This is a brand new components which must be soldered onto the logic board. this should not be attempted without suitable facilities and experience.

Condition : New
This is a brand new product. In some cases, new products come from dis-assembled new computers or larger assemblies.

Warranty : 3months

iBook G3/G4, 12\" PB G4 PRAM backup capacitor
  • iBook G3/G4, 12" PB G4 PRAM backup capacitor : New
  • [PRAMCAP1]
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