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The iMac G4 was one of Apples most striking and memorable designs, the iconic dome shaped base and angle-poised display made it stand out against any computer at the time. The first version of the iMac G4 was released on January 7th, 2002, and was available with a 15” display, the iMac G4 range would only last for two years and four months before being discontinued on July 4th, 2004. During its short life span Apple released three different models in a 15” and 17” form factor along with a single 20” model.

Due to Apples advertisement of the iMac G4 which compared the adjustability of the display to a desk lamp it earned the iMac G4 the nickname of the ‘iLamp’. The iMac G4 was the first all-in-one desktop that Apple shipped with an LCD display replacing the CRT displays used in the iMac G3 predecessor.

Despite only having a short lifespan elements of the iMac G4 can be found in Apple’s Pro Display XDR as the stand used for the display features a ‘feather touch’ design much like the arm used on the iMac G4 models.