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Parts for the Apple iMac family

Accessories, parts and service spares for the Apple iMac, one of Apple's longest running and most successful brands originally launched in May 1998 with the iconic iMac G3.
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The Apple iMac has been the flagship of Apple desktop computers since August 1998, and the translucent tapered outer casing of the first generation iMac stands as one of the most iconic designs in computing history.

In its original form - instantly recognisable for the bulbous rear casing surrounding the CRT screen and the integrated motherboard and other components - the model was known as the iMac G3.

This might seem confusing - the 'G3' being the first generation of iMac - but the designation comes not from the computer itself, but from its third generation PowerPC G3 processor.

A total of seven substantially different iMac designs have existed over the years, including the evolution of flatscreen displays and the launch of new generations: the G4 in 2002, and the G5 in 2004-06 which was the last to use a PowerPC processor.

Since 2006 Apple iMacs have run Intel CPUs, and in 2009 an aluminium unibody version was also introduced, which remained an option on later models in 2013, 2017 and beyond.

The Apple iMac set new standards for iconic design of home computers when it launched, and many users see their iMac as more than just a computer, but also as a work of art in its own right - so it's only natural that when yours breaks, you want to repair it rather than replace it with a different-looking model.

The Bookyard are one of the UK's leading Apple iMac spare parts suppliers, we stock all iMac parts for you to install yourself.

Alternatively if you're not confident or you just don't want to spend the time fitting replacement iMac parts, we can quote a full service including any or all of diagnosis, supply and installation of spare parts.

The Bookyard will always do our best to diagnose any running problems with your iMac so that it can be repaired to full working order, as well as supplying the necessary spare parts and installing them if you cannot do so yourself.

Our Apple iMac repair service is designed to meet your needs, whether you are a novice computer user or experienced enough to install replacement iMac parts yourself.

First of all, we need to know what is wrong with your Apple iMac, and we can get our team of experts to take a look and diagnose any problems, or if you are certain of which part has broken, we are happy to quote a price for repair and replacement of that component directly.

Whatever you need, we are happy to advise on the best options, and we are equally experienced with other Apple Mac models too, so please contact us for our expert opinion on any Mac repairs you might need.