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Parts for Apple Mac Mini family

Accessories, parts and service spares for the Apple Mac Mini.
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The Apple Mac Mini originally launched in 2005 as a compact desktop computer measuring just 165 mm square and 51 mm deep, until the 2010 redesign which made it more powerful and changed the dimensions to just 36 mm deep and 196 mm square.

It has proved popular with many users not as a primary home computer, but for a dedicated task, such as serving as a home theatre system, and most models include a built-in optical drive to play CDs and DVDs.

Accessing the inner workings of an Apple Mac Mini hasn't always been easy, and early models had to be pried open using a knife or even a pizza cutter; for obvious reasons, this has made repairs and upgrades awkward to carry out at home.

The Mac Mini was also one of the last models to get an aluminium unibody option, which was earlier introduced on the Apple MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac.

More recent models of the Apple Mac Mini lack the integrated optical drive, instead opting for more hard disk space, and this means that if you have an older Mac Mini as your DVD player, you'll likely want to repair rather than replace it.

At The Bookyard we understand the sense of attachment many people have to their Apple Mac, whatever model it may be, and will always aim to diagnose the problem so that it can be repaired with appropriate spare parts if it is possible to do so.

While Apple Mac Mini repairs are not easy to do at home, we appreciate that many owners are experienced in maintaining their computer systems and may wish to install replacement Mac Mini parts themselves.

As such, we are happy to supply replacement Mac Mini parts for you to install yourself; The Bookyard are among the UK's leading Apple Mac spare parts suppliers and we work with customers of all levels of experience.

If you are not sure which part has broken, we can also offer a full diagnosis service to recommend the replacement Mac Mini parts that should cure the problem, but we are also happy to take orders for spare parts if you already know what you need.

Finally if you want to avoid the awkwardness of opening a Mac Mini to get at the parts inside, we can provide a full spare parts installation service as we do with all Apple Mac models, and we find that even some very experienced owners choose this option as a quick and easy alternative to home maintenance.

Whatever you need, we are here to help, and can quote a price based on the level of service you need, from diagnosis, to direct supply of spare Mac Mini parts, to carrying out the installation work to give you a fully working system again as quickly as possible.

If your Mac Mini has stopped working and you want our advice, or you just need us to source spare parts for a Mac Mini on your behalf, contact The Bookyard today and we will put our expert team on the case.