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Parts for Apple MacBook Air family

Accessories, parts and service spares for the Apple MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is a sub-miniature laptop offering minimal size and weight at the expense of some functionality. They do not contain optical drives, have minimal ports, no memory expansion, and from 2010, used proprietary solid state drives instead of hard drives. Originally launched in one 13.1" screen format, the range was extended in 2010 to include an even smaller 11" model.
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The Apple MacBook Air was officially introduced by Steve Jobs at Macworld on January 15th, 2008, and started out in a single size, 13.3".

It was nearly three years before the 11.6" version was released, and this arrived on October 20th 2010 but was discontinued in October 2016, making it even more important to repair an Apple MacBook Air 11.6" edition as they are no longer available to buy new.

The MacBook Air is the entry-level model in Apple's range, with the lowest recommended retail price, and this makes it a popular choice for newcomers to Apple computers, as well as for people who need a quick replacement for a broken MacBook.

One of the major selling points for the original MacBook Air was its size - at launch, it was the thinnest notebook computer in the world, and even now it still holds its own against newer models.

The smaller 11.6" model in particular packs notebook computer capabilities into an overall size not much bigger than an iPad 2 tablet, and while this makes it highly portable, it also means the MacBook Air is often used in places where it's at risk of getting bumped or dropped.

If your Apple MacBook Air has had an accident, we can help, whether that means supplying spare parts to replace a broken screen or other components, or you need a full Apple MacBook Air repair service to fit the parts and get your notebook up and running again.

If you are well versed or confident in Apple Mac notebook repairs, we can supply you with the spare parts you need to switch out broken components and restore your system to a working state.

However, we appreciate that many people would not feel confident about doing this, which is why we offer our full Apple MacBook Air repair service to fit the replacement parts to a professional standard.

We serve customers with our full MacBook repair service for all sorts of reasons - including some experienced computer users who would be quite capable of doing the work themselves, but just don't want to spend their time doing so. The service starts with diagnosis, so if you're not sure what is wrong or which part has failed, our experts can take a look at your MacBook Air and identify where we think the problem is located.

Or if you are certain of which component has failed, you can let us know upfront and we can provide a quote for replacing the part and repairing your notebook to working order.

We have years of experience working with Apple products and our team includes experts not only in MacBook Air repair, but also in other Apple Mac computer systems, so if you need help with a different model, please get in touch for our advice.

The Bookyard are one of the leading Apple spare parts suppliers in the UK and have the knowledge needed to get your Apple computer back to full working order - so if you need our help, contact us today.