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Parts for Apple PowerBook family

We have original Macintosh Powerbook parts as well as a full range of Apple PowerBook G3 parts and Apple PowerBook G4 parts and service spares from the G3 Wallstreet through the Titanium (TiBook) G4 range to the Aluminium G4 PowerBooks. Fit them yourself or take advantage of our full repairs service.

The early Macintosh Powerbook models all had their mode number printed on the display bezel so are easy to identify.
There are four PowerBook G3 families covered here, known as Kanga, Wallstreet, Lombard and Pismo. Kanga is the oldest and visually very different from the other G3 models. It is squarer and has speaker grills at the side of the display. The Wallstreet is the first in the more curved case design and can be identified by it's black case & keyboard and the fact that it does not have any USB or FireWire ports.
The Lombard and Pismo both have black cases and transparent bronze coloured keyboard. They differ in the fact that although they both have USB ports, only the later PISMO has FireWire.

The G4 PowerBooks came in two generations, the Titanium (known as the TiBook) and the Aluminium. Although the Titanium PowerBooks were all the same size screen (15.2"), the Aluminium came in three sizes; 12", 15" & 17".
The Titanium PowerBooks can be identified by the two tone metalic silver case and translucent black keyboard. The aluminium PowerBooks can easily be identified by their silver keyboards. The screen size is measured diagonally.