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Technical Information & Resources

Whether you want to have a go at fixing your Mac yourself or just want to get a better idea of what the problem with it might be, our growing collection of links to photo repair guides, identification guides and general technical information will be an invaluable help.

How to ...
... take apart any Mac (iFixit Photo Repair Guides) - View
... remove & refit key-caps - View/Download
... repair missing domes on keyboards - View/Download
... reset the iBook & PowerBook power manager (PMU) - View
... reset the MacBook, MacBook Pro & MacBook Air systems manager (SMC) - View
... reset the Intel iMac's systems manager (SMC) - View
... reset the iMac G5 systems management unit (SMU) - View
... reset Open Firmware on pre-Intel Macs - View

Identifying your ...
... iBook models - View
... PowerBook G4 models - View
... iMac models - View
... Titanium PowerBook Display - View

Technical Information & Specifications :
EveryMac Technical Specs of all Apple computers - View
Apple memory Specs for iMacs - View