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Bienvenido a The Bookyard

Piezas nuevas y recicladas, repuestos, actualizaciones, accesorios y reparaciones para el MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, PowerMac, iMac, iPad, iPhone, Mac Pro, iBook o PowerBook.

Preben R.

Ironically, this is one of the most old fashioned outfits I know of. In the sense that these people are offering a level of on- and offline service which is VERY hard to find nowadays. Helpful and patient and totally going the extra mile - as well as being insanely knowledgable. And I am hard to impress. Everyone I have dealt with at the Bookyard over the years with have been great but Tammi and Aaron who helped me recently have in particular been absolutely outstanding.

Mohamed B.

I needed a replacement "delete" keycap for my 16 inch MacBook Pro (2019), and this was one of the first websites to have the right keycaps in stock. The delivery was quick (ordered internationally to the US) and the keycap was the correct type! All in all, I am very pleased with this purchase.

Russell G.

Fantastic and trustworthy company, with efficient quick shipping. Key was packed up the day I ordered and sent out immediately. Arrive 5 days later, despite me being on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean. Packaging was secure and effective, and the key was the correct unit in perfect condition. Purchased a left function keycap. Had Apple have performed the service themselves, the bill would have been $600 CAD before taxes. The keycap (without shipping) was very cheap.

Łukasz V.

Excellent experience, that's how I expect to be served. Very reliable company, prices a little bit high but... I found that it is always better to pay a bit more to get such an outstanding service.

Arjay B.

I ordered 2 Fn keys to replace my broken Fn key. Since I am based in Jakarta the delivery of the package took more than a week to arrive here but The Bookyard was able to process my order the very same day I placed it. The quality of the Fn keys i received are top-notch (they look like they're new), even if the website states that they are Grade A. More than that, however, was the excellent after-sales service. They were very quick to respond to my inquiries re: shipping. I couldn't ask for more! I will certainly order stuff from The Bookyard for my MBP spare parts needs, if and when they arise. Continue doing the great work; I've been converted to a lifelong customer! :)