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In 2012 Apple released the iPod touch 5th generation originally available in 32GB and 64GB configurations and it was originally available in slate, silver, pink, yellow, blue and (PRODUCT) red finishes. Apple would go onto release a lower spec configuration of the iPod touch 5th generation in 2013 which omitted both the rear iSight camera and touch loop, was available with only 16GB of storage and a silver finish. Also in the tail end of 2013 Apple would drop the slate finish in favour of a space grey finish. Apple would drop the mid 2013 16GB in 2014 replacing it with a new 16GB model which no longer omitted the rear iSight camera nor touch loop. It would also be available in the same colour finishes as the 32GB and 64GB models. Apple would discontinue all iPod touch 5th generation models in 2015 when the iPod touch 6th generation would be released.