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iBook G3 14" 700MHz Logic Board : Reciclado

Fully functional, tested logic board for the 14" iBook G3 700MHz.

This is a highly static-sensitive device and replacement should not be attempted without suitable experience and anti-static precautions. Removing the logic board means breaking the thermal seal between the processor chip and the heat sink. This seal must be re-made adequately when the new board is fitted to ensure the IBook does not overheat. Thermal paste is available from the Tools section.
Provided with 3month guarantee. No refund will be given for logic boards damaged during fitting. .

Condición : Reciclado
Esta es una parte que se usa desde ordenador de reciclado. En el caso de una parte funcional, se ha probado completamente antes de poner en stock y se garantiza que sea completamente funcional. recycled computer.

Garantía : 3 meses

iBook G3 14\" 700MHz Logic Board
  • iBook G3 14" 700MHz Logic Board : Reciclado
  • [IB3700LOG]
  • $198.53
  • $238.23 inc IVA
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